Witchy’s (Highly Questionable) “Tarot Reading” (ish)

I am so excited to be learning how to do Tarot readings! I did everything Liberty taught me about how to prepare to do a reading. I closed my eyes and concentrated really hard on getting a good message for you while I mixed up the cards and picked one.

I turned it over and saw that it was the 5 of Wands (or Rods in this deck, “Morgan Greer Tarot”) — the picture above.

I asked myself, “Hmm. What could it mean??” (And I hoped my Self would give me a good answer!).

It didn’t.

Then I remembered what Liberty said: Look at the picture and figure out the story that the card is trying to tell you.

So I did that. Boy, this Tarot stuff is hard! I wonder if I will ever be able to do it the way Liberty does readings. She makes it look so easy.

Then it came to me! This is what I got:

“Oh, man. I’m dreading another Black Friday Stick Sale. All that pushing and shoving, all that yelling, ‘Gimme that! It’s mine!’ or ‘I saw it first!’ It’s so rude! But I really do need a new Stick. And I just can’t pass up a bargain.”

I learned about Black Friday last year so I know it is not happening right now. At least you have plenty of warning for the next one!

To see if there was anything else I could tell you about this card, I closed my eyes and pulled out another one for you:

This is the 4 of Swords. (Morgan Greer Tarot deck)

I concentrated really hard on the picture, just like Liberty said to do, and this is what I got:

“King Arthur’s Round Table Benefits Package included acupuncture. Surprisingly, it got a lukewarm reception.”

So…King Arthur’s gang did not appreciate acupuncture. I am pretty sure they missed the point.

HAH! See what I did there?

I crack me up!

I stared at this card for probably 57 hours. Or 12 minutes. I don’t know. Anyway, it was a long time before I figured out what it had to do with those guys fighting over buying Sticks.

I remembered what Liberty said about figuring out the story that the picture is telling.

Then I got it! This card means you will be stressed and anxious after all that Black Friday shopping and fighting over Sticks, so you should take a nap.

Or to help you relax, get acupuncture.

Only maybe not with swords.

Or do not go Black Friday shopping in the first place.

The Most Important part:

  • Do not fight over Sticks.
  • Yes, you can pass up a bargain.
  • Do not shop on Black Friday or you might get a sharp Stick in the eye.
  • Be sure you really need a new Stick before you buy another one.
  • Shopping makes you nervous.

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