Witchy Packs Up Her Cauldron, Toothbrush and Stamp Collection, and Leaves Transylvania Forest

Once upon a time, Witchy lived in the Magical Blue Tree Woods. Hidden deep in the heart of the spooky Transylvania Forest, she had been casting spells to her heart’s content for centuries.

She and her cauldron, Enchantra, kept themselves busy, conjuring all sorts of fascinating magic. And a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches.

Life was grand and Witchy was happy, until one night when a “secret trauma” forced her to become vegan.

After refusing to kill anything anymore, she could no longer eat or use eye of newt, bat wings, dragon toes or other essential spell-casting goodies. As she puts it, all her spells “went wonky.” With one hilarious — uh, I mean, upsetting — failure after another, she became the laughing stock of the forest and all the other witches shunned her.

To make matters worse, her much-younger 712-year-old boyfriend, Vladimir the Vampire, dumped her. Insisting it was because he had developed an anaphylactic allergy to her “vegan breath,” he was simply too embarrassed to be seen with poor Witchy.

“After all I did for him!” she grumbles. “For our whole 200 years together, I even went without using garlic in my favourite foods, like rat brain stew, spicy dragon toes, and sweet and sour lizard hearts. And this is the thanks I get!”

So she packed up her cauldron, her toothbrush, and her stamp collection and headed west. She now lives in England, having found a tiny cottage in the woods near a quiet village and is doing her best to learn how to live in a completely different culture.

And she puts garlic in everything, even her vegan ice cream, just because she can.

Without her magic, Witchy is having to learn a whole new way of being, a whole new way of doing everything.

And her trusted friend, Enchantra, is helping her discover a different kind of magic … the magic she possesses in her own beautiful heart.

She’s also discovered home-brew beer. Apparently, a cauldron can be used for more than just casting spells and cooking food.

Another favourite discovery: “Tequila!” she says with a broad grin. However, there was no alcohol in the Transylvania Forest, so she doesn’t understand why she never remembers the things people say she did after drinking it.

“I think they’re making it up,” she says, shaking her head in disbelief. “That picture in the morning paper was Photoshopped!”

Witchy’s story is one of great healing and transformation, and she’s excited to share all she’s learned and done to find her way back to happiness.

Follow her here for fun and heartwarming stories, as she shares her journey and helps you on yours.

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