I’m going to be a Featured Podcaster at the Hottest Event: Podapalooza 

Subject: I’m going to be a Featured Podcaster at the Hottest Event: Podapalooza 

               Hosted By Michelle Abraham and Kimberly Crowe!

PODAPALOOZA Is The Game-Changing Event for Podcast Guests and Hosts

Attendees will meet dozens of podcasters, get booked, and land new stages!

And… VIP’s Will Get a Chance to be Interviewed During this Event!

I’m super excited to be one of the Podapalooza line-up of Featured Podcasters, and interviewing guests for my show,  https://robertwilson–checkingout.thrivecart.com/podapalooza/ and I’m hoping you’ll come and support me, and maybe even be one of the guests I interview!

Join me for this incredible day!

  Podapalooza https://robertwilson–checkingout.thrivecart.com/podapalooza/

When: June 5th, 2024

Time: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM PT (11:00 AM – 9:00 PM ET)

Where: on Zoom!!

Register Here: https://robertwilson–checkingout.thrivecart.com/podapalooza/


Kimberly and Michelle have set it up so the whole day is action-packed and it will be a huge opportunity for you and all the attendees to dramatically up their game when it comes to guesting and hosting podcasts.


Join us for this 10-hour action packed day where you’ll learn from top experts all about… Getting Paid to Speak, Booking Stages, Launching & Monetizing Your Podcast and so much more! PLUS ……. VIP’s will walk away having done actual guest interviews on up to 5 Podcasts during the event.

During this event you will …….:

  • Make New Connections
  • Find new Podcast Stages
  • Hear Expert Talks
  • Grab Templates to take with you
  • And, Have TONS OF FUN!!!


Plus our VIP’s will be interviewed on up to five podcasts (like mine!!!) DURING the event!! 

Plus, they’ll snap up these incredible VIP Bonuses:

VIP Bonus #1: Podapalooza Main Room Recording!

VIP Bonus #2: Supercharge Your Podcast with AI Tools and ChatGPT from Michelle Abraham

VIP Bonus #3: Secrets to Sensational Podcast Guesting and Hosting (recorded course)

VIP Bonus #4: Virtual Stage Launch Class with Kimberly Crowe

Register here! https://robertwilson–checkingout.thrivecart.com/podapalooza/

Thank You
Robert Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom Hypnoacuity

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