Journals Weekly March 13th

Journals Weekly30/30

Join us for a recurring weekly rendezvous at’s Journals 30/30, a session dedicated to enhancing your Journals journey. Time is precious, and we’ve crafted a meticulous 60-minute window balanced delicately with impactful updates and interactive Q&A segments.

First Half (30 minutes): Unveil the week’s noteworthy updates, features, and insights into the art of Journals that will inspire your narrative and refine your recording rituals.

Second Half (30 minutes): Dive into a lively discussion where your questions spark our conversations. Alongside, we’ll share tips tailored to thrust your Journals practice into a consistent, self-propelling force in both personal growth and professional development.

This isn’t just a meeting; it’s a huddle to exchange ideas, a catalyst for your self-motivation, and a beacon for personal insight. Whether you’re a seasoned scribe or a budding diarist, Journals 30/30 is your checkpoint for progress, your community sounding board, and your weekly dose of inspiration.

Empower your narrative, elevate your goals, and join us on this collective voyage towards Journals mastery.

When: Weekly – Wednesdays 7 pm EST

“Write it down, make it happen. See you there!” 

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